I wrote the first iteration of this list six months after moving to Seattle, so I am certainly no expert. Really, these are the places I've been back to because I liked them the first time and have only had positive experiences since. I did, however, put together this Literary City Guide, which I think you'd enjoy if you like reading and eating as much as I do. I will update the list here on occasion, when I find something new and awesome to share about the Emerald City. If, however, you want a tried and true (and much more thorough) guide to the city, you should check out this one by the lovely and talented Rachel Ball. 

- Serious Pie: If you ask me, I will buy you a pizza at Serious Pie. I think it's the best pizza in the world and I think every human should get to experience it once. I found out about it thanks to Dann and the band, and I think we've been there four or five times in the six months we've lived in Seattle.

- The Whale Wins: The lady in charge of this place knows what she's doing with food. Everything is delicious, and it's one of the most beautiful spaces I've come across in Seattle. Get the butter roasted zucchini bread for dessert. Trust me.  

- Pasta & Co: My favorite place to eat lunch during a day of shopping with my girl Amber, this place offers delicious "ready-to-eat-or-heat" foods that they make daily. Some of their soups and chicken dishes hit the spot when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy, which was no easy feat. 

- Trophy Cupcakes: This place makes the best cupcakes I've ever had. They're always the perfect amount of sweet, and they have some delicious flavors. Also, they made the cupcakes we ate the night we found out our firstborn is a boy! 

- Caffe Fiore: Our favorite coffee shop within walking distance of our apartment, these guys make a damn fine cappuccino. They also have something called a "Sevilla", which is essentially a cafe mocha with some orange zest mixed in and it is magical.    

- Pike Place Market: I mean, duh.

- Ballard Locks: The first time we walked down to the locks and watched a boat pass through, I was in awe. It's like an elevator! For boats! In water! It's incredible to me that human minds figured out how to make it work and then built the dang thing.  

- Discovery Park: We haven't seen nearly all there is to see at this park yet, but the little hike out to the beach with the lighthouse is definitely worth it.