Places to go, people to meet, things to do...

Travel to Uganda

Meet Gordon Ramsay

Sell something I write

See the tulip fields in Holland

Cook a Thanksgiving turkey

Travel to Argentina

Meet Gabrielle Giffords

Meet Dave Eggers

Share a meal with the Cremisinos in New Zealand

Create a fancy family tree

Eat at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans

Live in Europe for at least one year

Meet Ann Curry

Travel to Israel

Jump out of an airplane

Eat sushi with Dann in Japan

Meet Michelle Obama

Watch a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium

Attempt to surf in Hawaii

Meet Patty Griffin

Attend an Olympic sporting event

Meet Dave Matthews

Raise $1000 or more in a school bake sale

Meet David Simon

Celebrate my 60th birthday in a fancy ball gown

Meet Anne Lamott

Attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Meet Phyllis Montana Leblanc

Perform a tap routine on a stage with a group

Make 100 different kinds of pie

Ride in a hot air balloon

Take my dad to the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

Achieve proficiency in American Sign Language

Celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem

Travel to San Francisco with my family for my dad's 60th birthday

Meet George Saunders