I’ve never really felt like a blogger.

I mean, I’ve done some writing/photo posting on one blogging platform or another, mostly sporadically, for a few years. But I’ve never felt like the type of person who fit in to what I perceive as “the blogging community” - especially as a woman. I’m not a mom. I’m not a “maker”. I’m not a designer or a photographer. I sometimes think maybe I could be a foodie. Can you be a foodie if you have paid for and consumed more than one Doritos Locos Taco? I’m unsure.

When I was in high school and The Internet became real, my World Civilizations teacher told us what it was and how it worked, then allowed the class to have a very unstructured debate about the whole idea. I was perhaps the staunchest opponent of The Internet in the entire class. I did not want to imagine a world in which people primarily interacted through computers, mostly because I thought computers were for losers and I didn’t know anything about how they worked. But also because I believed that humans are intended to spend time being with one another, I’ve always loved meeting new people in real life, and I couldn’t imagine a world devoid of face-to-face interactions.

But. BUT. 

I’m learning to believe there’s something to the grand experiment we call The Internet and the power it gives us to connect with people all over the world. I’m beginning to see that, if we use it wisely, we can harness the power of this incredible technology to do some pretty fantastic things in real life. I may even be starting to feel a little bit like a blogger.

You may have heard already, but I’m in the process of trying to raise $1000 in a bake sale so that I can take a group of deserving middle school kids to buy some new books of their own before school gets out for the summer. It’s the first real life thing I’ve ever started just DOING, even though it seems a little crazy and there’s a good chance I will fail. Thanks to The Internet, I’m doing it with the help of people I know in real life as well as people I’ve never met. 

Last week, I decided to try reaching out to other people whose blogs I read to ask for help. I asked ladies from all different parts of the country if they would be willing to bake items I could add to the bake sale. And you know what? Two of them said yes. If you live anywhere near Portland, you should get these ice cream sammies. I mean, they’re homemade ice cream sammies. OR if you’re in NYC, you could get these cookies. Look how gooey they are! Plus, by purchasing either of these treats, you will be helping me give kids new books.

One of my other favorite bloggers told me she had too much on her plate right now to be able to participate in the baking, but she made a donation. She’s helping me give kids new books, and I’ve never even met her in real life.

So maybe I wasn’t an early adopter. Maybe it’s taken me longer than I would have liked to start feeling like a blogger. But today I do, even though I sometimes eat Taco Bell and will likely feed it to my kids if I ever have any. Today I’m excited about The Internet. Today I know that someone halfway around the world could give $10 that would help me take a middle school kid in my community to buy a new book. Today I’m convinced that we’re all in this thing together, near and far, in person and online. Pretty sweet, huh?