Things I Learned About Gluten-Free Baking This Morning

1) You can substitute gluten-free all-purpose flour for regular all-purpose flour 1:1.

2) It is recommended that you add xanthan gum to your recipes when substituting gluten-free all-purpose flour.

3) Gluten-free baking requires the same attention to detail as normal baking.

4) In gluten-free baking terms, 1 CUP of canned pumpkin puree is not the same as 1 CAN of pumpkin puree.

5) When baking gluten-free, it is just as likely that you will slice open both of your thumbs on your jagged, broken, still-3/4-full bottle of nutmeg that you decided you should keep in a ziplock because that shit's expensive, as it is when baking otherwise.

6) Adding a LOT of honey and cinnamon to your cookie batter can make up for the fact that you accidentally mixed together a concoction that had a 1:4 ratio of sugar:canned vegetable.

7) Stirring confectioner's sugar together with milk and vanilla extract, then drizzling it on top of your cookies, will always make them taste better.

8) Baking cookies on the first rainy, cool morning in months is satisfying no matter how badly you screw it up.