Don't Fail. Plan.


Dann and I are winning the credit card game.

We've developed the habit of paying for things with our Discover card, immediately transferring the money into a dedicated checking account, and earning at least 1% back on every purchase we make.

This works for us because we do it when we're spending money we would spend anyway - on things like gas and food - and the cashback bonus adds up bit by bit each time, earning us actual dollars that we can actually spend on other things. (This whole concept is new to me and I almost can't believe how easy it is.)

Last week, we brought home this pretty new chair:


Normally, if you stop by your local World Market store, this chair will cost you over $400.

We bought it when they were having a 20% off sale and I had a 10% member reward, which they will let you use at the same time. We paid for the chair with our Discover card, then applied the balance of our rewards to our Discover bill.

Guess how much we actually spent on the chair?


If that's not winning, I don't know what is.

You're all invited to come over and sit in our new chair. It's comfy. Plus Abe will keep an eye on you.

Don't fail, people. Plan.