30 Is The New 20

Happy Friday! I'm taking a break from posting my fave things from the Internet today because it's my blogtern's birthday! 


For those who don't already know, my blogtern is a good friend named Janell. And when I use the term "blogtern", I mean "friend who also likes to find things on the Internet and share them but who doesn't have a blog of her own so she lets me have all the glory and it's fun to feel a little bit like we work together."


I met Janell through my cousin, Calee. They've been besties forever. As you can see in the photo above, they needed each other. I mean, how else to deal with having such extreme-sized hands? That's right, find a bff who balances you out.


The first time I met Janell, she walked up to me at a Starbucks in Boulder (where we were both in college) and said: "You're a Loyd! And I'm Janell!" And she was legitimately very excited about it. And I've loved her ever since.


Janell became somewhat of an honorary member of our family over the years, and we always loved having her around for holidays and other family celebrations. Also, remember when sepia was cool?

Anyway, Janell decided a couple of years ago that she was going to move to Philadelphia, where she had gone to grad school and always felt a little bit more at home. I remember when she told me she had made the decision, and I remember feeling SO excited and proud of her, while at the same time feeling super sad that she would be so far away.

My sister and her husband moved to Philly shortly thereafter and we got to fly out and spend Thanksgiving with the three of them, which was such a blessing. And now they all share a house with a handful of other friends. We're hoping we'll get to see them on/around Thanksgiving in Philly again this year. (Fingers crossed!)

So now you know who my blogtern is. Now you have some idea of how I came to know her. Now I get to tell you about how Justin Timberlake may show up to her birthday party at the movies tonight. About how Glen Hansard sang happy birthday to her onstage last night. I mean, really. Birthdays don't get much better than that.

And while I know my blog post will probably not be nearly as exciting as the possibility of movie margs with JT, I wanted to honor Janell today anyway. I'm glad she was born. I'm glad she is who she is. I'm thankful I've been able to know her and see her grow and take risks and hear about the ways God has blessed her obedience and willingness to step into the unknown. It's so much fun to witness. 

So here's to you, Janell.

Happy birthday, friend.