One Thing For Today

We're home!
We made it back to Denver yesterday afternoon and it feels so great to be here. Dann and I LOVE where we live and taking a stroll around Wash Park after a week in a hotel and 15 hours in a van felt like a magical gift.

Also, do you unpack/do laundry/put away all your bathroom items as soon as you get home like I do? Or do you leave it until you need it and slowly get things put away?

Here's my one thing for today (downtown Chicago birthday celebration post is coming tomorrow, if all goes as planned):

Dried apricots.

I picked some up to have in the van so I wouldn't be tempted to buy Starbursts again.

And then I picked up some more while we were in Chicago.

And then I picked up some more on the way home yesterday.

Those suckers are nutritious AND delicious.

So if you're anything like me and you know you're gonna want some nasty plastic candy on your next long road trip, plan ahead a little bit and get yourself some dried apricots instead. I don't think you'll be disappointed.