Wedding Weekend: Mountaintop Revelry

Hey party people. I can't believe it's already the end of Tuesday and I'm just getting around to posting about our wild wedding weekend. We had a total blast, in case you were wondering. 

As a point of reference, I'm going to share a few "Fun With Perspective!" photos that we took with our friends the Phillips' a year ago at another wedding. Dann is really good at taking these kinds of photos. Doesn't it look like Tifah's really trapped in my wine glass?


We knew this weekend's wedding would be a good one too when we took this shot on Friday night before the rehearsal cocktail party. There was a rehearsal cocktail party with desserts.


Kara (the bride) convinced Tifah to take over for the party band's singer on one song. We were treated to her version of "Ain't No Sunshine" at the end of the night and then everyone took a bunch of hilariously sweaty photos. We are dancers at weddings. Obviously.


Dann and I got massages on Saturday morning before getting ready for the wedding, which was nice. Strangely, Beaver Creek was mostly deserted except for those of us attending the wedding. It took less than five minutes to get a shuttle to anywhere, but our options for food were severely limited. We ate breakfast at 9:45 and lunch at 11:30, just to be sure we weren't famished by the time dinner was served.

I took a few photos during the ceremony, but I was really too far away to capture much of anything worth sharing. Rest assured, it was all beautiful. The guys wore khaki suits with navy ties and the bridesmaids wore short, strapless, light pink dresses and carried all different types of pink flowers.

Kara's dress was my favorite part. You can sort of see it in this shot:


It was long and lacy and her veil had a long train and she just looked radiant.

We arrived at the top of a mountain - literally, we were supposed to ride the lift, but it was raining so we took a shuttle - in one of the ski restaurants. You know, the sort of place where you normally stop in for chicken fingers for lunch? Except it was decked out with wedding decor including two full bars.


We got to catch up with Kim, who was another college roommate and now lives in Palo Alto. She was a bridesmaid and still loves to tell people about how Kara lied about being neat on her roommate application to CU.


We were seated at Table 27 with probably the most fun people at the wedding.


Only two of them were strangers to us when we arrived - they were no longer strangers by the end of the night.


I think this one took seven attempts. Somebody thought long island iced teas would be a good idea.


Me and the bride!


 Table 27. Like I said.




I think my favorite moment of the whole night was when the speeches and eating were over and the rest of the wedding band showed up. 

Their first song was Beyonce and Jay-Z's "Crazy In Love", complete with rapping and a HORN SECTION. Trumpet, trombone, saxophone. I thought my heart might leap out of my chest, I was so happy. And, of course, I danced my ass off.


My final photo of the night was this one. They were all tapping their utensils on plates and glasses along with the beat of the music. The people standing to the left are Kim's parents. They wished they were seated at Table 27.


We finished up the weekend at the "Recovery Brunch" at the Ritz Carlton. We ate omelettes and bacon and french toast and drank the most delicious fresh orange juice. 

It was such a treat to get away for the weekend, and so sweet to be included in the celebration of Chris and Kara's wedding. Cheers to the Akers!