Monday Music: fun.

Surely you've heard the song "We Are Young" by the band fun. by now, right?

My friend Ashley, who was the math teacher on my team last year, sent me this video over the weekend because a) she's awesome and b) she had to hear my 2nd hour class sing this song every day for the last month of school last spring.

It made me feel a little bit sad to remember that group of kids and their (initially) spontaneous bursting into song. They tried to get parent permission to make their own video so we could post it on YouTube, but it didn't happen. We did, however, traipse down to the lunchroom on the last day of school, belting out this tune in the hallways. That is one of the moments I want to remember forever.

I came across this interview with fun.'s lead singer yesterday and it made me feel excited for them as a band. The idea of bringing new people into the mix hit home with me - I've just wrapped up my first trip as an employee of the band. Now I'm wishing I'd shown up looking like a pirate. Ha.

We should be home this afternoon and I cannot wait to get there. I'll be sure to share the highlights of the trip this week, so stay tuned!