The Color Run

Have you heard of The Color Run?

After reading about it on this blog, I was intrigued. And excited about it. It looks pretty in the video, no?

The Denver race happened to fall on my sister's birthday (last Saturday) and she wanted to run it. So I registered, along with my sisters, brother-in-law, and Kimbo, and sort of tried to get in shape for it.

I paid the $35 registration fee, figuring that at least 10% of the proceeds would be donated to the charity. When I tried to find more information about this on The Color Run's website, I found nothing. I even took the time to email them, asking for more information. I asked who started the race, why, and where the money went. 

This is the response I received:

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your email!

A portion of each registration and overall proceeds go to the charity!

Well, duh.

I figured I didn't spend the money because I wanted to donate to a charity, so it didn't ultimately matter, but compared with the Bolder Boulder's transparency, this response was pretty disappointing. Even more disappointing was the news we received at the finish line from a Children's Hospital representative that about $1 of each registration actually went to the hospital. She was pleased because it meant a fairly sizable donation to the hospital, but we were bummed because we figured a much higher percentage of our registration was actually benefitting people in need. (Also, the course only had one water station, the colored powder is made in India and illegal in Utah, and the only food/drink available at the end of the race was for purchase - no freebies! What?!)

Overall, though, the race was a fun experience. Kimbo and I had a good time sticking to the Low Color Lane, and I think Amy had a fun birthday color/running experience. 

If you want to see The Color Run through the eyes of someone who seriously enjoyed it, you should read Hannah's recap - she did. it. up.

And finally, enjoy my before and after photos.


Kimbo was pretty excited after she put on that sweatband.


Mean mugs.




The Birthday Girl left her sweatband in the car.


We met up at the 7-Eleven parking lot after we finished.


And then this happened. Love those two.

I probably won't be doing The Color Run again, but it was a cool thing to experience once. Next time, I'll give $35 to Children's Hospital and do one thousand jumping jacks while cooking a post-race breakfast for my sister. That sounds good.