Denver Tulip Tour!

One of the locations on the list of places Dann and I want to travel to before we die is the tulip fields in Holland. Okay, the location is actually "Europe", but I have the tulip fields in mind as one thing we will not miss when we get there. 


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to walk to and from school and the tulips did not disappoint. I remember noticing there seemed to be tulips EVERYWHERE during the first springtime that I spent living in Denver, and I told myself recently that I should try taking a tulip tour before they've all bloomed and faded.  


One thing I believe about tulips is that they are like little love notes for me from God. As cheesy as that sounds, I feel peace settle over me when I see tulips where I don't expect them. I imagine God like Mr. Miyagi in his workshop, quietly knowing what I need better than I do and growing tulips to remind me of it. I cherish this time of year, and I always feel such hope about what life has in store when I start to see tulips blooming around town.


Something I've been learning to deal with lately is the fact that life is constantly changing. When I was younger I thought that when I was a grownup, life would become static. You know, I'd have a job and a family and then everything would just be the same forever. Like the tulips, though, life blooms and fades and blooms again and it will be that way from now until I die. I want to savor the blooming and press into the fading and really live it all. Maybe that's part of the reason I love tulips so much.


Also, I LOVE having fresh cut tulips in our apartment. If we ever own a house, one of the first things I will do is plant some bulbs. Then I can cut them myself and say: "They came from my garden."


Do you have a favorite flower? Does springtime make you feel hopeful? Have you ever felt like God was trying to woo you? Would you like to take a tulip tour with me next year?