SLC, punk.

So, we drove to Salt Lake City last weekend. It was a blast.


I found out the week before that I actually had the Tuesday after President's Day off, so Dann and I started discussing where we could go on a road trip. His first suggestion was Vegas, for In-N-Out. Since I don't particularly love Vegas, we decided on Salt Lake; it's closer and a little less cray.

We found a place to stay on airbnb, and we were off. We drove through the mountains, listened to good music and Dennis Prager podcasts, laughed and laughed, and arrived at our host family's house in one piece. We sort of guessed that the family we were staying with would be Mormon - it was Salt Lake, after all. Dann made the mistake of asking the mom for the best local place to get coffee, which is when she disclosed that they are, in fact, LDS and don't drink caffeine. Luckily, we had our iPhones and were able to find a killer independent roastery (they roast cacao and make their own chocolate bars, too!). We spent a morning drinking our coffee and reading and relaxing. We also brought home a dark chocolate bar with candied orange peel. Yum.

The first place we visited after we checked in to our room was Temple Square, where we were taken on a tour by 2 "sister companions". We were mainly interested in the buildings and the history and the architecture. Our tour guides were mainly interested in telling us about their faith. I appreciated their sincerity, but I wished they had been more knowledgeable about the buildings themselves. We got a glimpse of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, which was cool. We also got a little bit obsessed with learning about the Mormon faith and where it originated and how it works. Fascinating stuff, I tell you. Turns out this happened the day before we arrived in SLC.

One thing that proved to be mighty helpful was this city guide that I found on DesignSponge. Thanks to this guide, we were able to find a super cool little indie movie theater where we saw the Oscar nominees for best documentary short film. I told Dann that 'Saving Face' was my favorite (though it was devastating) and it won the Oscar! If you have the chance, see this film. It's beautiful and terrifying and hopeful all at the same time.

We ate at some good restaurants, tasted some local microbrews, and even found time to get me my first pair of skinny jeans - what?!

Dann and I have traveled together quite a bit, but we realized on this trip that we've never traveled outside of Colorado alone together. We had so. much. fun. I can't wait to do something like this again. Bring on the summer!