Not Old

I walked into our school library to pick something up off the printer this afternoon after school was over.

We host detention in the library after school twice a week, and one of my students was sitting in there looking like he was in detention. This kid is one of my faves - he once walked up to me before class, pointed at me, and said: "That's the O.G.", then walked in to take his seat. He's likeable and funny and cares about being a good guy. 

I gave him the stink eye (you know, the "I am disappointed to see you in detention" look?) and he started flapping his hand frantically in a "come here" wave.

I walked over and asked him what he was doing.

He told me he wasn't "in detention, just waiting for a ride and they told me to come in here if I didn't want to be cold".

I asked him jokingly why he thought he had to explain himself: why he thought I assumed the worst. I asked if he thinks I'm just a mean, cranky old lady.

His response?

"Nah. You're just mean and cranky. You're not old."

I'm on my way, folks.