Lately, From The Library

There's nothing like feeling settled enough in a place that it makes sense to start requesting items from the library because you know you'll have time to a) go pick them up before they get put away again and b) finish reading them before they're due back. I took baby Abe on his first trip to a Denver Public Library on Friday, picked up a stack of books, and paid a fine that was more than a year old while we were there. I felt like a whole new lady.

I'm working on reading a bunch of young adult/middle grade novels in an attempt to start a small business/make $50 or more using The Internet before the end of the year. More to come once I get through the pile in the picture. I really enjoyed The Turtle of Oman and have just started Rain Reign. I put that Rumpelstiltskin one on the bottom because I'm hoping it's going to be my favorite. I based that decision entirely on the cover. 

Have you read any of these? Reading anything else good lately? Want to be my friend on Goodreads?