Monday Music: Motown Musings

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I sort of can’t believe it, but baby Abe is already three weeks old. Three weeks! We’re starting off our second week of being at home alone together, and I have to say I think I love it. It’s certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever done (which is crazy, because I taught middle school for a number of years), but I’m having so much fun being Abe’s mom. He's a good guy.

When we got up on the first morning after bringing him home from the hospital, I settled in to feed him and Dann turned on The Temptations radio on Pandora. We were tired and delirious and so so happy and, as we listened, Dann pointed out that all of the songs we were hearing seemed to be about becoming a parent. Each time a new song started, we laughed maniacally at how amazing it was that we had cracked the code of this entire genre of music - that all the songs were obviously written about new babies and being new parents, which must have been what made them hits. These songs will always be special for our new little family of three:

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

I’ll Be There

Ooh Child

You’re My Everything

The Way You Do The Things You Do

Signed Sealed Delivered

I suppose it's possible we were sleep deprived and just hearing what we wanted to hear (I mean, maybe they're all just quality love songs?), but it was one of the sweetest memories I will have of Abe's first week of life and I'm going to cherish it forever.