Lately, From The Library

I've been checking out a lot of kid's books lately, in part because they're quick and fun (and I'm trying to finish 20 books before this baby comes - currently on number 18), but also because I recently embarked on a new potential business venture, which I will tell you more about before too long. Let's just say I may have found a way to do some of my most favorite kinds of teaching work on (mostly) my own terms. I loved The One And Only Ivan, didn't love The Fourteenth Goldfish, and have yet to start Junonia or Doll Bones. All four were written by Newberry Award-winning authors, which is why I picked them up.

All The Light We Cannot See is one that's been on my holds list since back in January - large print edition, even! - so I'm cranking through it as fast as I can before I have to return it. I've heard from a couple of different people that this story took a little bit to get into, but that they loved it by the end. I'm about 300 pages in and so far I'm interested and hopeful that it's headed somewhere satisfying.  

Have you read any of these? Love it or hate it? The underdog's on top?

Also, you guys. I only have 12 friends on Goodreads. Surely there are more of you over there. Come be friends with me!