Seattle Bucket List = BUCKETED

One of the items on the Seattle Bucket List my friends created for me is "Volunteer somewhere", so when I got the monthly email from Book Larder soliciting help at their upcoming events, I picked one I thought would be fun and signed on.

The Spilled Milk podcast is hilariously delightful, so I was obviously pumped to get to help out at the live birthday extravaganza. All I had to do was show up early to help set up chairs, pass out cake, and stay late to help put the chairs away/sweep the floor. Plus they gave me a $25 store credit! Score.

I've been reading Molly Wizenberg's blog for years and, I have to admit, I was a little bit starstruck. But I had just read these wise words and figured it wouldn't hurt to tell her how much I've appreciated her work over the years. So I used my store credit to get a copy of her first book, asked her to sign it, and proceeded to tell her that I'm a big fan.

And then the sweetest thing happened. She asked me about my pregnancy and our baby and how I've been feeling with such sincerity. She told me about her experience at the hospital where we're planning to deliver and told me decidedly, "You can do it." She was as cool in person as I imagined she'd be. 

So there you have it, friends. Bucket List, BUCKETED.