5 Motherhood Dos and Don'ts Gleaned From Home Alone's Kate McCallister

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If you were alive in 1990 and watched Home Alone almost every day for, say, six years after it came out like I did, I'm guessing you've seen it at least once since Thanksgiving. This is the first year I've watched it as a mom, and I was struck by some of the parenting decisions in a new way. I mean, I always knew I couldn't get away with saying something like "Hang up the phone and make me, why don't ya?" to my own mother, but this time I found myself questioning a handful of the more subtle mom moves that Kate McCallister makes. So here they are - my top five dos and don'ts gleaned from Home Alone's Kate McCallister. 

1: Don’t tell your child to repeat something you’ve just said you hope he doesn’t mean. It's easy to see why this could be confusing. 

2: Don’t trust one of your children to account for the rest of your (ELEVEN) children when embarking on international air travel. Even if said child is actually 25 years old.

3: Do pay attention when your spidey sense tells you that sitting in first class while your kids are in coach kind of makes you a heel. And then maybe go check to make sure all of your kids boarded the plane.

4: Do stay at the airport - even if it means you're separate from the rest of your family on Christmas Eve and don't sleep for 60 hours - in case you find a way to get back to your eight-year-old who you left at home alone in freaking Chicago.

5: Do communicate with the other members of your family who are trying to get home, in case it turns out you could catch a flight with the rest of them and arrive home 30 seconds later than you would have if you rode from Scranton to Chicago in the van with the polka king of the midwest.