Good morning! Happy Friday! Look at how happy that little guy was to get his first glimpse of our Christmas tree. I think he's got his mama's appreciation for the holiday spirit. We've been busy making plans for baking cookies and throwing a party and having what will likely be the most fun Christmas yet. I can't wait. I'm also giving away a copy of the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas, so be sure to let me know if you want one! You have until December 10. Here are some of the best things I've found on The Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy!  

I did not know about this until this morning. Star Wars shmar wars. 

This is super cool.

This is so so good.

I don't think anyone's ever gone to Casa Bonita because they were craving Mexican food.

"Before that, books about cooking largely admitted what every homemaker knew to be true: that feeding people was backbreaking work, and then you died." This is so true.

This is fantastic.

This is heartbreaking and infuriating and incredibly well reported.