Oh happy Friday! I was really hoping for real snow and a good excuse to start playing Christmas music yesterday, but this is what it looked like outside by the time the sun was all the way up. Though it doesn't really do justice to the colors of the trees, I did snap this pic from the car while making the people behind me miss the green turn arrow like the basic white girl that I am. You're welcome? Here are some of my favorite things from The Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy! 

This legit made me cry a little bit.

"Their only connection is that both serve as a free resource for reading and information." This is fantastic.

I think this is amazing. I'd like to be able to add it to the list of defense mechanisms I've mastered myself.

Chuck K. has never let me down. I didn't even think I was interested in this

This is probably a good thing.

And this sure looks like fun. (Thanks, Jess!)