Playlist: October Seattle Soundtrack

It's gray and rainy in Seattle this week, so I figured we needed a soundtrack. You know, the kind of songs you want to hear when you're bundled up in your autumn cozies, drinking coffee and reading a book while your baby naps? This is my life right now. What? Too good to be true, I tell you. Let me never forget to count all my dang blessings.

The week's highlights so far: meeting two new babies, dinner at Serious Pie, baby Abe started crawling AND got his second tooth (!!), lunch fron The Fat Hen, and pumpkin pie for breakfast, courtesy of a lady known in certain circles as D-Tron.  

I didn't know it was possible to miss a place so intensely after living in it for just one year, but I'm sentimental as all get out just driving down certain streets with my little travel buddy. May this collection of songs be a reminder to me in the coming weeks, months, and years that we were here, that it felt a little bit like coming home to be back in this place where my baby boy was born.