For The Love Of Words: Denver Writes

Have you heard of Denver Writes, formerly known as Metro Denver Promotion of Letters (or MDPL)? This organization is one of my favorites in Denver and it is in a big time growth stage right now, which is really exciting.  

I volunteered with Denver Writes at a number of different weekend workshops over the last few years and I can tell you for sure they've got some good stuff going on. The last one I was at before we moved was a songwriting workshop and I convinced Dann to come with me. The kids were SO excited about their writing and when Dann remembered he had his snare drum in the trunk of our car, he became a little bit of a hero. We still occasionally listen to the songs the kids wrote and recorded that day, and they never fail to put smiles on our faces.

If you love Denver and writing like I do, this is the indiegogo campaign for you. You could even get a cool t-shirt or tote bag! More importantly, though, when you support Denver Writes, you help give kids good opportunities to grow as writers. What other reason do you need?