Seattle Spot: Chihuly Garden and Glass

I've seen so many photos of the Chihuly exhibit at Denver Botanic Gardens since moving to Seattle, I decided a while back that checking out the long-term exhibit here was something I wanted to do. We made it down there last weekend and it was definitely worth a visit. (If you're interested in doing both, it's definitely a better deal to buy the Space Needle/Chihuly combo tickets, just FYI.)

I didn't know anything about Dale Chihuly before we moved to Seattle, but he's a pretty fascinating dude. He wears an eye patch because he lost vision in his left eye after a car accident in the 70s that left him with more than 250 stitches in his face. We saw a clip of this video about an installation he did at the Citadel in Jerusalem in 1999, which was pretty incredible.