Lately, From The Library

Well hello! It's a cloudy and cool morning here in Seattle, which is a welcome change after a handful of hot ones. I love the sun, don't get me wrong, but dang it feels nice not to wake up sweating. Also, it feels like the kind of day that's best spent inside with a cup of coffee and a book (or two), so I think I'm starting to understand this place a little bit. If I could, I'd stay in my pjs all day and try to get through all the books in this pile. 

After I got my library card a few weeks ago, I got a little bit overly ambitious and ended up with eight books checked out at once. These three are the ones I decided to tackle first, mostly because each one came with a recommendation from my dear friends Kim and Mary

I'm almost finished with MWF Seeking BFF, which Mary told me about when I was still in Denver. It's funny and lighthearted, but also perfectly relevant and insightful given my current life situation. There are some really useful nuggets of social psychology research that have helped me understand some things a little bit better, and I always enjoy reading about someone else's successes and failures on the road to reaching a goal.

Kimbo recommended Multiplication Is For White People and Navigating Early, and we tend to have pretty similar taste (we are oldsames, after all), so I picked them both up. Even though I'm not currently teaching, I'm guessing both of these books will help me keep up a little bit with the kinds of conversations that teachers are having at school, which is something I think will always interest me.

Have you read any of these? Got any other good ones to recommend?