These Are My People

When we decided to make the trek to Chipotle for lunch after church on Sunday, I was excited. I hadn't eaten Chipotle since before leaving Denver over two months ago, and I was craving a burrito. Just as we were finishing up our lunch, Casey Askew (of So You Think You Can Dance fame) walked in and stood in line. I contemplated leaving without saying anything to him, but I knew my sisters would never let me live it down if I did. I sent a group text to my two sisters, my cousin Calee, and our friend Janell, hoping they'd peer pressure me into talking to him. The following is what transpired.

Me: You guys. Casey is in the same Chipotle as me RIGHT NOW.

Calee: SHUT YOUR FACE!!!!! Can you take a photo?!?

Janell: sytycd Casey?!!?

Calee: I'm watching him dance RIGHT NOW!

Janell: ask him to turn for you; ask him what Cat Deeley smells like

Calee: And then video it!!

Amy: OMG be a superfan!!!!!!!! Take a pic!!!

Janell: Ask him to get Ade's number for me!!!

Kate: yessshhhhg Take a pic!!!!!

Calee: I'm so jealous!!

Janell: Why isn't he in LA? I'm so confused? Is #caseyheadedwest?

Amy: Ask him how Twitch does it and if he can please steal Mary Murphy's pinky ring for me.

Janell: I LOVE US!!!!!


Janell: Jenny you have to respond!! What is happening?? Are you getting a blog worthy story?!?!?

Calee: This long pause from Jenny better have a great outcome.

Kate: Please Lord get a pic!!! #sundayselfie

Calee: If he is dancing in Chipotle and you are not filming it, I will be so sad.

Calee: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Kate: Omggggaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

Me: He's from Seattle, just home for a couple days, then back to LA for the finale, then on tour!!! He was so sweet!

Janell: Your face is so amazing!!!! bahahahahahaha! This is the best!!!

Kate: Yes this is the best!!!!

I think what I actually said to Casey was: "Are you Casey? I'm a huge fan. Way to go this season. And in your whole life. You're a star." So not only did I get to eat a Chipotle burrito for lunch, I got to meet a dance superstar and share my excitement with some of my favorite ladies. It was a good day.  

Oh, and be sure to watch the season 11 finale! Tomorrow on Fox at 8/7 central.