Books I Bought

After I returned my last library book in Denver, I found myself at Tattered Cover a couple of times, justifying my need for new books since who knew when I would get a library card in Seattle and be able to check out books again? I picked up Why We Broke Up the day of the bake sale field trip and The Circle a couple of nights later after celebrating my last day of school during happy hour at The Rio.

Then I added Divergent to my cart one day at Target because I figured if I'm going to call myself an adolescent literacy advocate, I should probably be keeping up with what the kids are reading.

Then I went ahead and ordered The Vacationers and Poking A Dead Frog online even after I got my library card here in Seattle - mostly because there are so many holds on both and I want to read them RIGHT NOW.

So I finished Why We Broke Up (it was good, but probably not appropriate for all teen readers) and started The Circle (it's fascinating - I'm almost finished) and then the books I placed holds on at the library started arriving at my local branch for me to pick up and I somehow ended up with eight library books as well. So I've got some reading to do.

Have you read any of the books in the pile? Did you buy any of them to keep forever?  

PS: Are you on Goodreads? Let's be friends!