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Well good morning to you. What a week this has been. I have to say, my heart is heavy with sadness for all that's happening around the world and since I mostly feel powerless to do anything else, I'm praying for peace. Most of the time I've spent online this week has been spent reading about serious matters - less about finding fun things to share. So here are some of my "favorite" things from The Internet lately - for anyone interested. I hope they're helpful, though I suspect you may not necessarily enjoy them all. 

Background on the conflict in Ukraine, in case (like me) you need a primer after yesterday's plane crash. 

"At one elementary school, during a faculty meeting, a principal forced a teacher whose students had tested poorly to crawl under the table." This is heartbreaking and infuriating. 

I went to Comcast twice this week. I feel this guy's pain.

This makes me sick to my stomach with sadness.

"But fathers matter most, of course, in childhood, when the seeds of many future traits are planted." Rocket science.

And this, for a little bit of beauty and hope.