Fire Up Your Loud


One thing I've had to look forward to in Seattle since before I left Denver was a visit from the Rice sisters - my dear friends Kim and Mary. I've known and loved these ladies for more than ten years now and when they told me they were thinking of booking a trip so soon after we got here, of course I was delighted.

And then the National Weather Service issued an "excessive heat watch" for Seattle this past weekend and our apartment isn't air-conditioned and I worried that Kim and Mary would be uncomfortable and have a terrible time and tell everyone back home not to come visit. But then they got here and were total troopers and had smiles on their faces the whole time and even WENT FOR A RUN in the park on Saturday morning (the official start time of the hotpocalypse).

We had so much fun. We ate a lot of delicious food (here and here and here), visited Ballard Locks and the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. Kim and Mary ate a crab cake for the very first time. We watched Germany beat Argentina at a bar where we ordered nachos that never came. We cooked dinner and ate it up on the rooftop just before the most glorious sunset. We did Friday happy hour at a local brewery with a handful of people we've met and gotten to know a little bit, people we're hoping will become friends over time. 

I'm so thankful for friends like Kim and Mary and I'm SO glad they were here this weekend. Excessive heat be damned. We got ice cream and fired up our loud. 

*Note: Now that I've been to a handful of places around town more than once, I've got the beginnings of a Seattle list to share with you soon. Shout out to the Rice sisters for helping me get it started!