Your People Will Be My People

This is the story I meant to write today.

When I started dating Dann, I didn't know Sarah or Jaya very well. Sarah was already married to Dann's buddy Nate, and Jaya was dating Dann's buddy Paul, and for a while I was nervous about whether or not I would be friends with either woman. Some of my deepest insecurity lies in my desire to be liked, especially by people who matter to the people I love, and I didn't want to screw things up by being the unlikeable weirdo who made it awkward when we spent time with Dann's best buddies and their ladies.

Looking back on those days now, I have to laugh at how silly it was that I was ever the slightest bit worried. Both Sarah and Jaya have hearts of gold, and over the course of our marriage they (along with their husbands) have been some of our greatest cheerleaders. We've laughed hard with them, shared pain and sorrow with them, watched them become parents to a pair of absolutely precious little girls, and now that we find ourselves so far away from them, we miss them terribly.

Funny, isn't it, how making a vow like "Your people will be my people" can turn into "Those people are my people now too and I miss them like crazy!" in just four years?

Dann and I are both thrilled to be in Seattle, and we've met a bunch of high quality people already in the short time we've been here. And certainly, today, we're celebrating the fact that we've made it through four years of marriage and we're still committed to one another until death parts us. But today we're also celebrating those friendships that mean so much to us as husband and wife, those friends we know now as "our people". Those friendships are a gift, and I'm so so thankful for them.