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Well good morning and Happy Independence Day to you! We're headed to Portland to celebrate with some friends who live there which is awesome because they're just a few hours away. I hope you have some fun plans that involve eating at least one hot dog and responsibly enjoying some fireworks. Here are some of my favorite things from The Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy!

This is hilarious.

I pretty much always appreciate this lady's take on things.

I love this guy.

This is lovely. (Shout out to Kate Crem for the link!)

If you haven't read Unbroken, now is the time. Rest easy, Mr. Z.

Fourth fourth fourth of July.

My favorite part of this is the saluting kid with the cymbals. 

Seattle things I learned about this week: DeAndre Yedlin, Ballard Locks, Fireworks at Gasworks Park