DYCO Success!

Well, folks, you did it again. You came through with the kind of generosity that gives me faith in humankind and also that helps me do really fun/awesome things to help kids develop their literacy skills. 

I wanted to raise $100 for 826 Seattle at their Dance Your Cash Off party last week and, thanks to you, I exceeded that goal by 20%. My fundraising alone covers the cost of one student's attendance at a two session writing workshop AND two jump drives for students to save their writing work so they can revise and edit it anywhere. That's legit, you guys.

Also, the party itself was one of the most fun things I've ever taken part in. I wanted to wear a costume, but didn't have any good ideas for one, so I asked my siblings for their help. They came up with "frog costume" (a reference to my brother-in-law's name for his infant daughter's rompers) and "Superman". I found a t-shirt and a mask, but by the time I actually arrived at the registration table - alone, mind you - I decided the mask was a little too crazy and a lot too suffocate-y, so I left it in my purse.  

I met a handful of really nice folks including these ladies, who were dressed as Lisa Turtle, Jessie Spano, and Kelly Kapowski. Hilarious. 

photo 2-3.jpg

In the end, I had to tap out of the competition before it was over because I was too hot and not properly dressed for endurance dancing (I was wearing jeans. Woof.). I loved everything about this event, though, and you better believe I'll be recruiting a team and going for the gold next year. 

Thanks again for your love and support and for believing in my dreams. You're the best. I mean it.