Happy Friday, people! I hope it's been a good week. We got all of our boxes unpacked AND cooked dinner at home for the first time since I got here, so I'd say it was a good week around these parts. Also, Seattle has the prettiest flowers. I walked past the roses in the photo at least four times this week and not only are they beautiful, they smell AMAZING. I'm looking forward to buying some fresh flowers at the farmer's market this weekend, now that I know where our vases are. Here are some of my favorite things from The Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy!  

This lady is the coolest. (And I met her and her husband at SFO two weeks ago!!!!!)

If you come for a visit, I will buy you some of this guy's doughnuts.

"Life is too hard and complicated for a person to live above it, and the moments when this is underscored are comic." George Saunders, just being brilliant as usual.

Raise your hand if you would buy one of these.

Let's all read to a baby today.

Seattle things I learned about this week: Gallopin' Gertie, P-Patches, and The Beds for Kids Project.