Bake Sale Update

Well folks, we're 2.5 weeks away from the end of the bake sale. Already you've helped me raise enough money to take the group of middle school kids on a summer reading book shopping trip and I couldn't be more excited to get to do it again. Please consider the following excerpt from one of the student applications:

I am a good candidate for this field trip because I love reading. I love school. I make good grades and I am a leader. I keep books in good condition and in a good manner. I am very respectful of my classmates and my peers. I also love Language Arts. (Note: I am not trying to be cocky.)

I mean, you're helping me set this kid up with books. Does it get any better? I don't think so.

There are a few new items in the bake sale, including the white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies in the photo. If you're in the Denver metro area, there are a number of other items that will certainly be delicious, based on my knowledge of the bakers. My mom's lemon bars, Greg Brinck's blueberry cobbler, Nicole Loyd's blueberry cheesecake, just to name a few. Plus there are cupcakes in Philly, Milky Way brownies in NY, and chocolate chip banana bread in Atlanta. Go get 'em and help me do some good!