Good morning! Is it sunny where you are? It's my favorite kind of morning in Denver, which is hilarious since it was snowing on Monday. We're down to the last week of the bake sale, so be sure to make your purchase/donation soon! I hope you have something fun going on this weekend. I'm running a leg of the Colfax Marathon relay on Sunday, and I'm a little nervous. I think I have to carry a baton. Anyway, here are some of my favorite things from The Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy! 

I'm rooting for the nuclear physicist in this battle.

Bucket Lists. Me and Bill Murray, guys.

I think Rembert is one of the funniest people on The Internet.

This is something I can get behind. 

And this is awesome.

Chelsea Peretti is truly one of the greats. This made me laugh and laugh.