The Farewell Tour


When Dann and I decided to move to Seattle, we started right away on a list of things we want to do before we leave Denver. Some of them are things we've done before that we want to be sure we do again. Others are things we've never done, like actually riding one of those surreys around City Park. Since I tend to be more successful at accomplishing these kinds of things if I make them public, I'm sharing my list with you. Keep me accountable, okay? 

Dinner at Acorn

Easter sunrise service at Red Rocks

Dinner at Frasca

Hear some jazz at Dazzle

Lunch at Carmine's with my family 

City Park surrey ride

Weekend in Snowmass

Run the Colfax Marathon on a relay team with Kate and Kimbo

Check out Punch Bowl Social

Happy Hour at Vine Street

Denver Cruisers ride with APK


Denver people - what would you add to the list? What are your favorite things about this sunny city?