Monday Music: Broken Bells

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I hope you're wearing something green. Or at least that you don't mind being pinched all day long. Also, I hope you've heard of Broken Bells. Or at least that you're open to hearing them now that you're reading this. I have been listening to their new record, After The Disco, all the way through on repeat lately, and it's not getting old. My favorite track is 'Medicine'. Check out these lyrics:


You think hurting gives you license 

To do anything at all

But you gotta take your medicine

Allow your hands to lose their grip and let it fall


So. Good. Also so good? Everything about this performance on The Tonight Show, including but not limited to, the drummer who PLAYS WITH ONE HAND WHILE ALSO SINGING AND PLAYING KEYS. WHAT? Go on ahead and get the record, okay? Do it now. Go.