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Well hello there! I snapped this photo at almost 5pm the other night, and I'm pretty sure there was a hardworking teacher still doing his/her thing in that one classroom upstairs. Speaking of which, I have a day off today in exchange for the hours scheduled for parent-teacher conferences. I'm planning to go with my sister and my niece on our first trip to Trader Joe's in Colorado, and I can't wait. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite things from The Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy! 

I'm impressed with how well he keeps his cool, even with the burrito on his phone.

There is power in music.

It's already on my Bucket List, but this makes me want to visit Japan in January.

"Is life good or bad? Yep." George Saunders, the night he was in my city and I didn't even know.

I know it's not the hippest thing to admit, but I love Coldplay.

This is all good advice, even if you're not yet in your 40s.