Good morning! Happy Friday. We got this little card at the end of our ultrasound appointment yesterday, and inside it says whether baby Stockton is a boy or a girl. We've asked the fine people at Trophy Cupcakes to make us a dozen with either pink or blue centers, which we'll share with some friends at a little pizza party we're throwing tomorrow night. I don't know if I've ever been this excited about anything. Anyway, here are some of my favorite things from The Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy!

This made me proud to be an American.

"Babies remember." True comedians, these two.

This is bonkers. Just say no to drugs, everybody.

As though I wasn't already weepy enough, there's this.

What a great time to be alive.

"I've always loved to read, but I've also always loved to dance." Cornel West (with whom I apparently have a lot in common), talking with Questlove.

Someone go do this and make me a Christmas present!