Come On. Get Happy.

I'm so thankful for The Internet on a day like today, because without it I likely would never have heard about this dream let alone be able to share it with you in hopes you'll support it. You know I love a good opportunity to help make young people's educational dreams come true, and this is a good one.   

My friend Johanna (who is one of the best teachers I know) posted a link to Paris's Class Trip To Peru on facebook the other day and I was thrilled to see it/read about it/support it.

I met Paris last year when she joined me on the first book bake sale field trip. She was the one who sat next to me texting pictures of her food to her mom. I've never met her mom, but she seems like a pretty phenomenal woman. I would love nothing more than to see the two of them meet this fundraising goal and take the trip of a lifetime to Peru in June. 

Go read about Paris and her mom and scrounge up five bucks (or more!) to help make their dream come true. Do it now. Go.