Monday Music: Seeking Input

According to various internet sources of information on fetal development, a baby can hear sounds outside the womb starting at around 16 weeks. How fitting, then, that we got to see Patty Griffin in concert on Friday night, the day our little one reached exactly 16 weeks in there. If you know me, you know how I feel about Patty. And I know there's no way to actually know, but I've been telling myself that the reason I burst into tears at the first notes of the song 'Ohio' and ugly cried through the whole dang thing is probably because the baby was so excited by the performance. Ha. I'm glad it was dark in the theater.

We started talking last week about what music we want to make sure our kid knows, since there's so much of it that's so important to us, and I decided it would be fun to ask for your input too! If you were going to choose a song (or album or artist or playlist) that you think any kid being born today should definitely hear, what would it be? We've obviously got Patty covered, and Dann has a playlist of his favorites already (it's 17 hours), but I also love the idea of having a crowdsourced collection to share with our little one. Leave your suggestions in the comments!