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Well good morning! Happy Friday. I snapped this photo on Tuesday when we were helping out in the kitchen at Denver Rescue Mission. Our volunteer coordinator told us we could sample the donuts as we queued them up for breakfast the next day (I'm pretty sure they were from Lamar's and they were fresh). Also, Dann and I may have gone back to Voodoo Doughnut last night, exactly one week after our last visit. It might be a problem. All of this to say, I hope you get to eat a donut today. Also, here are my favorite things from The Internet lately - just for you.

THIS is what The Internet is good for.

Did you see T. Swizzle get attacked at the Grammys?

The best episode of The Nerdist.

I wonder if ?uestlove has ever rocked a party for this many goofy white dudes before.

This would make an excellent Christmas gift.

I love this lady's stories and recipes. My ravioli stamp should be arriving today.