You guys. I went to The Populist for a friend's birthday dinner on Wednesday night and it was SO BOMB. Pictured here is the Bacon and Egg, which was so good I probably could have eaten, like, three of them. We tried the chickpea salad and the kale salad and the tandoori poussin, and the beet pasta, and oh my goodness it was all delicious. Plus this sweet lady treated us to a bit of the bubbly, which was definitely the classiest thing a person I've never met in real life has ever done for me. If you're in Denver and you haven't been there yet, get on it. Happy hour is 5-7 Tuesday through Saturday and the Bacon and Egg is currently on the happy hour menu. Also, here are some of my favorite things from the Internet lately - just for you. Enjoy!
It's like these people knew my birthday is coming. I was born the same year as MTV.  
A beautiful tribute to the Postal Service
Whoa. Be careful what you share on the Internet, folks. 
And just in case you haven't seen this. Which may have been inspired by this
Shout out to Mindy Kaling for this awesome link
"...literature belongs to the poor shits, too." A great email exchange between writers.