Pullbacks. Nailed It.

The hallway outside  e3   and  TAPS , where I go to tap class.

The hallway outside e3  and TAPS, where I go to tap class.

Imagine standing on both feet with your weight distributed evenly, jumping and simultaneously slapping just your toes into the ground before actually landing again on the balls of both feet. Then imagine doing the whole thing repeatedly without stopping until you’ve moved yourself across an entire room. 

This, friends, is what I was up against when I added “Master Single Pullbacks In My Tap Class” to my list of summer goals on Go Mighty. At the beginning of the summer I was sort of able to do a single pullback every 15-30 seconds or so, after a lot of physical and mental preparation. Last night, I did them back-to-back all the way across the floor.

And I felt like a badass.

Me and my tap class friends, who were there to witness my pullbacks.

Me and my tap class friends, who were there to witness my pullbacks.

While I recognize that it’s not rocket science, I find myself surprised at the ways I continue to learn that a regular, consistent practice of just about anything is the best way to get better and achieve my goals. Setting clear specific goals helps, obviously, but showing up every week for the last month and really putting some dedicated effort into my pullbacks is what made them happen. Each week I felt my ankles get a little stronger. Each week the movement of my toes in my shoes when I left the ground felt a little bit more familiar and comfortable. Each week I got a little bit better, and last night I totally nailed it. I can’t wait to go back next week and do it again.