I Will Go Where You Go

 And just like that, today we've been married for three years.


This is my favorite photo from our wedding day. I love that you can tell that everyone is smiling, even though mine is the only face you can see in its entirety.

After three years, I can say with confidence that marriage is the best thing I've done yet. There's no one I'd rather be spending my life with than Dann, and I'm just so glad we made the decision to commit our lives to each other. We each made the vow "I will go where you go" on that sunny Saturday three years ago, and we really put our money where our mouths were throughout this last year as we traveled all over the country with the band. It's been so good. 

We spent last weekend at a wedding and we're headed to the mountains for another one tomorrow. I LOVE weddings and what they signify and the fact that they make it socially acceptable for me to spend hours dancing like I'm in the club and I'm 22 again. 

We'll be taking it easy today, but we do have some fun celebrations planned and I promise to tell you about them later. I can't wait. Here's to the beginning of year four plus the rest of our lives.