Come On. Get Happy.

Dalton Trumbo Fountain Court at my alma mater,  CU-Boulder

Dalton Trumbo Fountain Court at my alma mater, CU-Boulder

Remember when my bake sale for books was sort of just an idea and I hadn’t really figured out how it was going work yet?

And how it totally worked better than I ever thought it would because people like you actually care about doing good in the world?

Well today I’d like to tell you all about another awesome opportunity to give some dollars to an absolutely worthwhile cause, in the name of helping kids get the education they’re seeking.

Maggie Mason, who started Go Mighty and whose blog sometimes makes me think she is actually myself in another body living in a different city, just kicked off a crowdfundraiser to help ScholarMatch close the gap.

Now. ScholarMatch was born out of 826 National, which was started by one of my literary heroes, Dave Eggers. Their goal is to raise $50K in 50 days to help send their students to college in August. The campaign ends on July 3. 

One of my favorite things about ScholarMatch is that you can learn about individual students, their achievements, interests, and plans for course of study when they get to college.

This girl founded her school's first hip-hop dance club and SHE’S GOING TO BE AN AEROSPACE ENGINEER.

For real. We need to get her to that $500, ya'll.

There’s no denying the goodness of this. People coming together from all over the place to help kids they’re not likely to ever meet go to college? Um, yes please.