Checking In

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Hey there! 

Sorry it's been so quiet here the last couple of weeks. 

Two weeks ago today, someone stole my computer out of the band's van in a parking lot in downtown St. Louis. It was shocking and sad and a very strange experience. Luckily most of the things that were taken were covered by insurance, and I'm writing now from my brand new computer.

I have a zillion things to do to get myself caught up, but I wanted to check in and update you on a couple of things: 

 - I'm down to only 3 more weeks for the bake sale. You've already helped me raise nearly $400, which is almost halfway to my goal of $1000! There are still a bunch of delicious items available for purchase, plus you can make a donation for a number of different amounts, from $10 to $500. Don't wait any longer!

- My April interview is finished and will be posted this week. I would have gotten it up before April ended had I been in possession of a computer, but also I know you're not judging me. Right? 

- I'm also working on a tour recap with photos from the midwest tour we did last month. I can't wait for you to see me STANDING ON THE WING OF AN AIRPLANE five stories high in the sky. 

I hope you're having a fantastic Monday. Whatever you do, don't leave your computer in your car.