The Pie Hole Los Angeles

Chocolate Crostata from  The Pie Hole Los Angeles

Chocolate Crostata from The Pie Hole Los Angeles

Do you love pie?  

I love pie. 

When the band and I arrived in Los Angeles on Monday, we knew we were in for three days of good rest and good food and good drinks with our good friends Jim and Linda. Our suspicions were confirmed the night they took us to a lovely little establishment called The Pie Hole for dessert after dinner at Wurstküche.

We chose 7 different slices of pie to share and they were all delicious, though my favorites were the Mexican chocolate and the chocolate crostata. As you may have guessed, The Pie Hole makes all of its pies from scratch with primarily local, seasonal ingredients. We got to talking with the owner's fiancée, and she filled us in on how they got their start, where the pie recipes come from, and how highly they value good, friendly service. 

And while it's aesthetically lovely (plus located in the LA arts district), The Pie Hole felt like the type of small town diner you might stop in for some late-night pie. Which, of course, made me love it just a little bit more. 

I went back the next day to a) pick up my very own slice of the chocolate crostata and b) ask if they'd be willing to donate a gift certificate to the bake sale. And guess what?  

They totally did. 

So, there are five days left and there's now a $25 gift certificate to The Pie Hole up for grabs in the bake sale. Go buy it and you'll not only get some delicious pie, you'll be helping me care for my community by giving books to kids.