Truly Good


"Bad cannot succeed even in being bad as truly as good is good." 

I have this line from The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis posted next to my desk. It’s a good reminder for me that there are forces of both good and bad at work in the world, and that no matter how bad things get, I believe, good ultimately wins.

Three weeks ago, someone stole my computer while I was inside the City Museum, running around like a carefree kid and having a blast. It was the same day I wrote my most recent update on the bake sale, which was featured on the front page of Go Mighty. I was just starting to feel like I was gaining some momentum, and then in an instant, I felt like I couldn’t really do much to keep it going.

I spent 2 weeks with no computer, being surprised and delighted by how encouraging the goodness of other people can be. 

Folks continued to donate to my cause and purchase the bake sale items, and each time it was a great reminder of how truly good good can be.

Let me tell you just one story.

Sarah bought Natalie’s cookies. When Natalie asked about when and where to meet Sarah so she could deliver them, Sarah asked Natalie to donate the freshly baked cookies to a nearby homeless shelter instead. She said she liked the idea of someone’s day being brightened by delicious, gooey, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. These two ladies joined forces to give cookies to a homeless shelter in NYC and at the same time, they’re both helping me meet this crazy goal of raising $1000 so I can give new books to kids in my Denver neighborhood. That’s how good good can be.

So here’s the latest bake sale update:

There are 2 weeks left to buy something/make a donation.

I only need $430 more to meet my goal of $1000.

There are items in the bake sale available for pick-up in Denver, Portland, Philly, and Westchester County, NY.

You can donate $10, $20, $25, $50, $100, or $500.

I'd love your help. Go check out the bake sale.