So Others May Read


Since leaving my job as a full-time classroom teacher last year, I’ve spent many hours dreaming about tangible, practical ways to help kids learn to love reading and writing. I’ve always had a heart for helping middle school kids (let’s face it, those are some of the roughest years for everyone), and one of my top priorities as a teacher was always to find ways to serve the kids who came from families without a lot of money.

You may have noticed that one of my Bucket List goals is to raise $1000 or more in a school bake sale. 

Well, folks. It’s on.

Starting next month, I will be working to raise $1000 or more by selling bake sale items online, as well as accepting donations. All the money will be given (as directly as possible) to a group of middle school students who want new books of their own to read over the summer.

Will you join me?

I need other bakers to offer up their goods for the bake sale. I need help spreading the word about what I’m trying to do. I need your dollars to help me get to $1000 or more. The more dollars I get, the more books kids can have. 

If you’re interested and able to help, get at me.