Serve Denver: Adopt A Family Update

aaf .jpg

One of the things we announced at the ThanksGIVING Party was the fact that Denver Rescue Mission needed 200+ people to sign up to adopt families for Christmas. 

Guess what?

They matched all 500 families on their waiting list with sponsors, and last Saturday was the designated gift drop day. My girl Aneta took the photo above when she made her delivery. Imagine all the people going out to give and all the families who were able to receive. Picture it all going on at once, on the same day, in our beloved city. So cool.

If you're interested in sponsoring a family next year, check in with the mission in October, 2014. 

During the month of December, I'm teaming up with Denver Rescue Mission and a bunch of other people who write on The Internet to #servedenver. This can certainly be a busy time of year, but we'd love for you to join us from wherever you are, however you can.